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Some Successful Italians in the Argentina of 1899

Some days ago we came across this interesting book dated 1899, the Biographical Dictionary of the Italians in the Plata (“Dizionario Biografico degli Italiani al Plata”), that reports origin, a short biography, and the work and social position of the Italians emigrated during 1800s that achieved the success. Among them many were shop keepers, mainly tailors, but also artists and technicians. It’s worth remembering them, even in the awareness that these few do not represent the large mass of emigrants landed in Argentina that were mainly laborers, and that for many of them success never arrived.


Shown below we collected and summarized some details about the “abruzzesi” and “molisani” that are mentioned in the book.

Carosella Luigi, born in Schiavi (Chieti) in year 1860, shop keeper.

Colombo Paolo, born in L’Aquila in year 1867, tailor.

De Clemente Achille, born in Magliano dei Marsi (L’Aquila) in year 1875, artist and intellectual.

Fiorito Simenone, born in Tornareccio (Chieti) in year 1864, artisan and shop keeper.

Infante Ulisse, born in Casacanditella (Chieti) in year 1865, employee in the consular agency of Cav. Camillo Bertola.

Lombardi Nicola, born in Archi (Chieti) 1848, shop keeper and charitable person.

Luciani Tito, from Atessa, engineer and Freemason.

Marcovecchio Pasquale, born in Agnone (Campobasso) in year 1856, shop keeper.

Marinelli P. Francesco, born in Agnone (Campobasso) in year 1861, shop keeper, nephew of Ascanio Marinelli cited in the “Dizionario biografico dei celebri italiani viventi” of the Count Angelo De Gubernatis.

Santangelo Giovanni, born in Ferrazzano (Campobasso), tailor.

Sarra Giuseppe, born in Tornareccio (Chieti) in year 1856, shop keeper.

Scarinci Nicola, from Ortona (Chieti), designer and shop keeper.

Scarinci Tommaso, born in Ortona (Chieti) in year 1860, artisan and shop keeper.

Zaino Salvatore, born in Popoli (L’Aquila) in year 1858, artist.

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