Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced.

John Keats, 1819

Embarking on an ancestry tour can be an enjoyable and educational experience, whether traveling alone, with a partner, or with the whole family. Exploring the people and places that shaped your family’s history can provide valuable insights into your heritage. Additionally, Italy is already a highly desirable tourist destination, adding to the rewarding experience of discovering your ancestry.

Let’s go Explore Your Roots!

We can’t time travel—not yet. But we can offer you an unforgettable, authentic experience in the very places where your ancestors once lived. Our ancestry tour services provide:

  • Thorough preliminary research and preparation to ensure a tailored experience for you.
  • Assistance with organizing and planning your visit to optimize your time and enhance your experience.
  • Contact with local people and communities who can provide valuable insights into the history and culture of the region.
  • A knowledgeable guide with expertise and in-depth knowledge of the area to provide a truly enriching experience.

With our services, you can connect with your heritage in a way that is both unique and personal, providing a deeper understanding and appreciation of your family’s history.

The Program and Itinerary of Your Tour

We’re here to help you create a personalized experience that meets your goals and preferences. Share with us your desired outcomes, interests, and preferences, and we will leverage our expertise and experience to provide recommendations that are best suited to your needs.

Sample Program of the Day

  • After breakfast, meet the guide at the hotel and move to the town
  • Visit the town hall, meet the mayor and visit the vital records office
  • Time left for an “aperitivo” or a walk in the town
  • Lunch and tasting of some local and traditional meals
  • Go to drink coffee with that cousin you were not aware of
  • Visit the graveyard
  • Get from the guide the best advises for the evening and the next day
  • Go back to the hotel

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our professional qualifications are limited to guiding and accompanying services. However, if you need to book accommodation or find a transport solution, we can provide suggestions or recommend companies and structures we usually work with.

We will be happy to provide you with advice and assistance to make your stay in the area unforgettable and make the most of your time here, especially if you are staying more days.

We usually organize nature hikes, food, and wine tastings, visits to local farms and companies, cooking classes, etc. directly or through our partners.

During our tours, we always try to evaluate the possibility that there are people living in the area with whom you share some ancestors. And very often, especially in small towns, we are also able to identify some of them and meet them during the tour.

However, if you are interested in a systematic and more in-depth search for possible relatives, it is necessary to provide a specific research option.

Thank you for your interest in our guided ancestry tours! Our tours are meticulously crafted to provide each participant with a personalized and enriching experience.

To ensure that we can tailor your tour to your ancestry and interests, we require a significant amount of research and preparation. Therefore, we kindly request that you plan ahead and book your guided ancestry tour at least 3 months in advance (the more time, the better).

This allows us the necessary time to delve into your family history, curate meaningful connections, and design a tour that resonates with your heritage. Booking early not only guarantees a more in-depth and customized adventure, but also helps us provide you with the highest quality service.

By booking in advance, especially during peak periods, you can avoid the possibility of not being able to receive our assistance.