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  • Passion – Even if it wasn’t our job, we would still be doing the same activities most of the time.
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  • Method – We apply best practices in genealogical research, documenting each step and providing a full set of information products, including copies of the original records.
Barbara deCerchioBarbara deCerchio
15:58 29 Oct 23
I have been a client of Emidio's for a few years now. He and his associates have been performing deep research for me in my journey to uncover the origins of my family and my surname. The research has involved obtaining parish records and going to state and national archives to retrieve documents, some of which are quite old (dating to the 17th centuries or older). In every case, Emidio has provided excellent support and detail, helping me translate the documents and also helping me understand the social and cultural background -- the stories, so to speak -- that these documents tell. He is always available to answer my questions (which are many!). Additionally, he himself possesses an exquisite understanding of the history of the people and events of the territory. I find his services invaluable and cannot recommend him highly enough.
Bob SchmittBob Schmitt
17:37 20 Oct 23
Emidio Spinogatti exceeded our expectations. He was kind and careful investigating my Abruzzo heritage and possible living relatives. Emidio helped us connect with half cousins that we never knew we had. He also provided us with a very thorough genealogy of both my father's parents and grandparents. Emidio met us in Castel di Sangro to show us around, pointing out significant streets, churches and landmarks. He and his lovely wife, Elif, came with us to visit my cousins and provided translation as well as genealogy information. Through Abruzzo Genealogy we learned that my Tucci grandfather's family was originally from Tocco da Casauria and hired Emidio for an extra day to show us around that town. It was a truly wonderful experience. I highly, highly recommend Abruzzo Genealogy.Truly,Deanna Tucci Schmitt
Lucy CichonLucy Cichon
02:07 18 Oct 23
My experience visiting my grandmother’s hometown with Emidio, and his partner Elif, was amazing! He researched my ancestors and made contacts with local officials in the town prior to our visit. He was knowledgeable, professional and excited to explore my family history. Our visit was a dream come true for me! The town was so charming and the people were so wonderful to us! We were graciously invited into their home and into their beautiful church. Emidio introduced us to the Mayor and Registrar who were so welcoming and helpful. Elif captured special moments of the day with her photography. I highly recommend Abruzzo Genealogy!
Rachael SicilianoRachael Siciliano
22:43 22 Nov 22
Emidio transcribed and translated my great grandfather's birth certificate at an incredibly reasonable price, and completed the work the day after I contacted him. (He even made a small update for no additional charge.) It was a small service that unlocked so many mysteries about my ancestor who was, sadly, abandoned at birth.I strongly recommend Emidio and Abruzzo Genealogy. It was a pleasure working with him and I hope to work with him again.
Tony MarziTony Marzi
15:40 30 Apr 22
I contacted Emidio to help me understand my heritage from Abruzzo. He has been tremendously helpful and he is a consummate professional with regards to the ancestry and history of the region. His specific knowledge of the catalogs and where to find records has confirmed answers to questions that my family has had for decades.
Darren HammDarren Hamm
23:49 22 Apr 22
I was extremely impressed by the care and detail taken by Emidio, someone who takes researching one's family history very seriously. He generously offered me his time, talent and expertise and helped me detail a missing piece of my family story. I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking connections to Abruzzo.
-L M-L M
02:55 20 Apr 22
Fantastic work from Emidio who was so helpful, knowledgeable, and personable during the process. He got everything done so quickly and thoroughly and even have me excellent advice for continuing with my jure sanguis process due to some trouble with the comune. Very grateful and I highly recommend their services!