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Either if you want to discover your Italian heritage, but you hardly know where to begin, or if you’ve been working on your family tree for decades, but you bumped into a blind alley, our research services can always be tailored for you.


In your next trip to Italy make sure to spare some time in Abruzzo or Molise to know more about your ancestors’ place of origin. We will ensure that the visit to your grandparents’ places will be a once in a lifetime experience.


We can assist you in several ways, providing expertise in genealogy research, use and development of software tools, creation of charts and family books, providing services and assistance on the ground.

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We always deal with your family history research in person, and take very seriously our commitment to you.


We apply all the best practices of genealogy research, documenting all the single steps done and providing you with a complete set of information products, including copies of the original records.


We are well aware that your family history is a precious and delicate asset and we take care of it with the utmost sensitivity.


Hear what they have to say about Us!

A brick wall

I can’t say enough good things about Emidio. I hit a brick wall when researching my maternal grandmother’s history. Emidio was able to determine why I was unable to find the information and then to trace her lineage for several generations. Also, I am in the process of applying for Italian citizenship. One of my first steps was to see if I could obtain official records of my grandparents’ birth and marriage records from their respective communes. Emidio retrieved sic official, sealed records from three different communes. This was of immeasurable value to me. He’s the absolute best!

Marlene A.

A dream come true

Extremely happy! Emidio and Elif were delightful travel guides. Emidio’s research was the very best. He went above and beyond to make it possible to learn about my roots in Molise. I cannot thank him enough for making a dream come true.

Elizabeth K.

Attention to detail

Emidio was a pleasure to work with! It was exciting to see a copy of my Grandfather’s birth record! Emidio’s well-written reports and attention to detail in citing his sources were excellent. Always willing to answer questions about the history of Italy and what life may have been like, made me feel like I was stepping back in time, getting to know how my ancestors lived. I would definitely recommend Emidio’s services!

Jill N.
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