Abruzzo Genealogy was founded in 2014 by Emidio Spinogatti to provide high-quality genealogical research and guided ancestry tours in Abruzzo, Italy. Emidio has over a decade of experience in genealogy and a passion for uncovering his region’s rich history.

Emidio Spinogatti, born and raised in Abruzzo, became interested in his family’s centuries-long history in the region from an early age. After graduating with a degree in Electronic Engineering and working for years as an Information Systems Analyst, Emidio decided to devote himself full-time to genealogy and local history. He is a qualified hiking guide in Abruzzo and provides insightful guided tours for those looking to connect with their ancestral roots.

Elif Kork, Emidio’s partner, was born in Turkey but has called Abruzzo home since 2009. With degrees in Fine Arts and Archaeology, Elif uses her keen eye for photography and design to document Abruzzo Genealogy’s research and tours. Her deep appreciation for Abruzzo’s art, culture, and natural beauty shine through in her work.

We are located in Abruzzo, Italy, and specializes in high quality genealogical research for clients with ancestry in Abruzzo and surrounding regions. We believe that understanding local history, culture, traditions, and geography is key to conducting thorough research and providing meaningful experiences for our clients.