Where Everything Started

The name ‘Abruzzo‘ might be unfamiliar and a bit tricky for non-Italians to pronounce, but it’s more than just the quirky name of a place. It’s my birthplace, my home, and a region rich with stories of brave ancestors who ventured across the seas seeking better futures for their families. My name is Emidio Spinogatti, and I started this project in 2014 to take you, as a descendant of those brave individuals, on a carefully designed exploration into your past. I offer both comprehensive genealogical research and authentic ancestry tours, primarily in Abruzzo but not only.

How Everything Started

I’ve always had a strong bond with my region and roots, a connection that deepened during my time studying and working away. Having a scientific and technical background, I honed my skills as an Information Systems Analyst. This methodical, accurate, and data-centric approach seamlessly transitioned into my passion for genealogical research.

My journey into genealogy began early. When my grandparents couldn’t provide extensive details about our lineage, I naturally began investigating. However, I never anticipated that this curiosity would persist, let alone become my profession.

Commitment to Ethics and Professionalism

Since 2016, I have been a proud member of the Association of Professional Genealogists, adhering to their Code of Ethics in every aspect of my work. This commitment underlines the serious, reliable, and thorough nature of the services I provide through Abruzzo Genealogy.

Being a Licensed Guide

In the same year, I also completed the necessary training and obtained the qualification to professionally guide excursions. As a licensed guide, a vital requirement for legally conducting tours in Italy, I guarantee that every ancestry tour is not just enlightening but also adheres to the highest standards of safety and professionalism. My credentials as a qualified hiking guide infuse our tours with a unique blend of adventure and discovery, taking you on an unforgettable journey into your past.

A Creative Touch

Of course, I can’t do everything myself and fortunately there is my partner Elif Kork that brings a vibrant dimension to Abruzzo Genealogy. Elif combines her academic background in Fine Arts and Archaeology to enrich our ancestry tours with a creative and insightful perspective. In addition, her ease in relationships and the fact that she is Abruzzese by choice and not by birth makes her very useful in introducing our guests to their experience with us.

Our Guiding Principles

At Abruzzo Genealogy, we value a deep understanding of places, local history, culture, and traditions. This knowledge allows us to carry out thorough research, offering relevant insights and creating valuable experiences for our clients. We are committed to sustainability and cultural preservation, acting responsibly within our community. Our approach is professional, yet informal and friendly.