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The project “Abruzzo Genealogy” began in 2014 from an idea of Emidio, who wanted to transform a personal passion for genealogy and family history research into an opportunity to provide a professional service to a wide public. This step was not hurried but came after more than a decade spent studying and learning the ropes, at first as a hobby helping family and friends, then starting to collaborate with other companies, and eventually working as a freelancer. 
Today our core business is genealogy research, made at the highest standards of quality and applying well-established methods and techniques. We are based in Italy and we focus our activity in the Abruzzo and Molise regions of Italy, even if we can sometimes cover neighboring regions directly or resorting to trusted partners.

Team Members

Meet Core Team Behind Us


Emidio Spinogatti

Born (1974) and raised in the town of the Abruzzo region of Italy where his ancestors lived for at least five centuries. He became interested in his family history the moment he had to move away to study and work. A graduate (2000) in electronic engineering (MSEE), he worked for more than a decade in an international company as an information systems analyst. This gave him a solid understanding of the methods, tools, technologies, and standards used to manage information in different industries. He also served previously in the military as an officer in the Army Corps of Engineers, gaining knowledge of the intelligence cycle and information gathering.  

Nurturing a passion for genealogy for many years already, he began providing genealogical research services to the public in his spare time in 2011. 

Since 2015, he has been a qualified hiking guide and a member of the Mountain Guides Board of the Abruzzo region. 

Maturing knowledge and awareness, he eventually decided in 2017 to devote himself exclusively to the study and appreciation of his homeland, changing careers and founding “Abruzzo Genealogy” to provide genealogical research services and guided ancestry tours to anyone who wants to approach the research of their roots and to live authentic and deep experiences in the country of their ancestors.


Elif Kork

Born near the ancient city of Troy (Turkey) and raised overlooking the Aegean sea, she fell in love with the mountains of Abruzzo and with Italian art, history, and culture.
After graduating in Fine Arts (Photography) and obtaining a master in Archaeology in her home country, she improved the English language in the United States (New York City).
Since 2009, she has been living in Italy where she is dedicated to the handcrafted creation of fabric works and collaborates in document lookup for genealogical research, and assists during guided ancestry tours by making photo reports. 

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