Some of us are aware that their life is, not simply the result of a succession of random events, but was built and determined by the people who lived before us. They made their choices. They did sacrifices to improve their lives and the ones of their children. The recovery of this heritage of knowledge is an opportunity to understand who we are in a deeper way. At least it’s a way to secure a wealth of memories that, without our work, would be buried in some dusty archive or lost forever. We are endowed with the systematic techniques of genealogy research and have acquired knowledge of the history and culture of southern Italian families. But, even more, we have experienced a great sensibility in knowing where the right information is hidden and how to retrieve it. What we offer is a genuine help to those who start to be willing to know more and to plan an ancestry tour in Italy. Our approach is always professional, but also careful and attentive to the needs of the Customer.

Wondering how to proceed? Easy as 1, 2, 3... 4!


Collect and Prepare

Start collecting all the background information available about your present family and known ancestors. Ask relatives, collect documents, letters, and photos. Sort everything with care, finding a source for every piece of information.


Consultation and Quote

Contact us telling what information you have for a start and what are your research objectives. We will analyze the information base, to tell you what are the attainable results, and to define a research and draft a quote.



Once the research plan and the fee are agreed, we will start the research job and keep you informed weekly about the progress. We will keep in close contact during all the duration of the research.


Enjoy and Share!

At the end of the research, the agreed products will be delivered to you. Any piece of information will be carefully referenced to the sources. Now you have a family history to be kept thoroughly, to be shared with your relatives and friends, and to be handed down to new generations.

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