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A Walk in Nature and History of Abruzzo: Mt. Porrara and the Freedom Trail

Past week we did a hike on the ridges of the Porrara Mountain (Majella National Park). The hike allows to enjoy a pure nature and to live the traces of recent history. In fact the place was a strategic stronghold for Germans during WWII, because offered a wide view over the side valleys and over the “Gustav line”, the German line of defense that connected the Chieti coast to Cassino.

A friend followed us all day

Porrara Mountain Ridge Going up and down, always with wonderful views

Porrara Mountain Ridge What we left behind us

Porrara Mountain Ridge Location Guado di Coccia, intersection with Freedom Trail

Trenches, craters, stakeout points are still traceable among trees and shrubs. We also walked on a segment of the “Freedom trail”, a clandestine trail, amid beech-trees, ditches and stony valleys, that ideally joined Sulmona to Casoli, and that thousands of war prisoners and young Italians that fought for the freedom of Italy followed after the September 1943 armistice.

Freedom Trail A commemorative plaque for lieutenant Ettore De Corti on the Freedom Trail

Freedom Trail Walking down towards Palena on the Freedom Trail

Hopefully next summer we’ll be able to organize professional guided hikes to give you a full and unforgettable natural and historical experience.

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