Province of L'Aquila

The Province of L’Aquila is the largest, most mountainous and least densely populated province of the Abruzzo region of Southern Italy. It comprises about half the landmass of Abruzzo and occupies the western part of the region. It has borders with the provinces of Teramo to the north, Pescara and Chieti to the east, Isernia (in Molise region) to the south and Frosinone, Rome and Rieti (in Lazio region) to the west. Its capital is the city of L’Aquila.

Municipalities in L’Aquila Province at 2014 are 108:

Acciano, Aielli, Alfedena, Anversa degli Abruzzi, Ateleta, Avezzano, Balsorano, Barete, Barisciano, Barrea, Bisegna, Bugnara, Cagnano Amiterno, Calascio, Campo di Giove, Campotosto, Canistro, Cansano, Capestrano, Capistrello, Capitignano, Caporciano, Cappadocia, Carapelle Calvisio, Carsoli, Castel del Monte, Castel di Ieri, Castel di Sangro, Castellafiume, Castelvecchio Calvisio, Castelvecchio Subequo, Celano, Cerchio, Civita dAntino, Civitella Alfedena, Civitella Roveto, Cocullo, Collarmele, Collelongo, Collepietro, Corfinio, Fagnano Alto, Fontecchio, Fossa, Gagliano Aterno, Gioia dei Marsi, Goriano Sicoli, Introdacqua, LAquila, Lecce nei Marsi, Luco dei Marsi, Lucoli, Magliano de Marsi, Massa dAlbe, Molina Aterno, Montereale, Morino, Navelli, Ocre, Ofena, Opi, Oricola, Ortona dei Marsi, Ortucchio, Ovindoli, Pacentro, Pereto, Pescasseroli, Pescina, Pescocostanzo, Pettorano sul Gizio, Pizzoli, Poggio Picenze, Prata dAnsidonia, Pratola Peligna, Prezza, Raiano, Rivisondoli, Rocca di Botte, Rocca di Cambio, Rocca di Mezzo, Rocca Pia, Roccacasale, Roccaraso, San Benedetto dei Marsi, San Benedetto in Perillis, San Demetrio ne Vestini, San Pio delle Camere, San Vincenzo Valle Roveto, Sant’Eusanio Forconese, Sante Marie, Santo Stefano di Sessanio, Scanno, Scontrone, Scoppito, Scurcola Marsicana, Secinaro, Sulmona, Tagliacozzo, Tione degli Abruzzi, Tornimparte, Trasacco, Villa Sant’Angelo, Villa Santa Lucia degli Abruzzi, Villalago, Villavallelonga, Villetta Barrea, Vittorito.



Linda Trocchi Heath
Both of my parents were born in L'Aquila. I remember hearing names of places like Montereale and Castello and San Giovanni Paganica. I am having a hard time finding these places exactly and determining which place was the birthplace of my parents. I am not even sure if both parents were born in the same village. I am also not sure if my grandparents were born in the same village. The names in question are : paternal grandparents Emidio Trocchi and his wife Matilde Salvatore My other grandparents were Dosolina (Tusolina) Nanni and her husband Francesco Nanni (they had the same last name!!) Can anyone give me some information on this. I am anxious to visit their birth places if possible. Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer me.
    Rick Trocchi
    • May 23 2016
    Hi, emidio is my great great uncle. My father was born, and grew up, in his house. We are distant cousins. Email me if you'd like to learn more
Mary (Nocito) Zewbrowski
My father's family are from Abruzzi. Our last name is Nocito. My grandfather, Giuseppi was born in 1870 and married my grandmother, Rosina Poliseno born I on May 24, 1896. I don't know when my grandfather came to America but my grandmother came in 1907 with her parents and brother Michael, and baby brother Antonio and adopted sister Madelina.. They were my great grandfather, Giuseppi Poliseno born in 1869 and my great grandmother, Irena Patacca born in 1876. I wish I knew the village or area where my Grandfather lived because I have a friend who wears a picture of her husband on her necklace who is the spitting image of my father. He too was from Abruzzi. If someone knows my family members who are descendants of these people, I would love to know how to contact them.
Chris mascio
All my grandparents are from Rivisondoli. The family names are Sarrocco and Mascio. My maternal grt grandparenst are Achille Sarrocco and Cassiedore Iarussi. My paternal grt grandparents are Giusseppe Mascio and Constantina Spagnulo. Looking for Pasquale Mascio and Mary Irma Romito.....and Arturo Sarrocco.
DeMutis D'Alessandro
I am look for any information on my grandfather side Miquele DeMutis family and my grandmothers side Assunta D'Alessandro family. Thaqnk you
I am looking for information on my maternal great grandfather Rocco Salice born about 1875 . Im not surr if the town but know he married my great grandmother Domenica Ciccone on 1 july 1911. They are buried in Corfinio. Names of family connected are DiMarco, Liberatore, Crescenzo Ciccone. I have nothing more on Rocco Salice except that his daughter Angela was my grandma. On his marriage certificate he had no parents listed.

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