Villetta Barrea is a municipality located in the province of L'Aquila at 990 meters (3248 feet) of altitude. Villetta Barrea has 652 inhabitants and a surface area of 20.52 square kilometers (7.92 square miles).

Villetta Barrea was part of the Kingdom of Naples before the unification of Italy (1861) and belonged to the former Abruzzo Ultra II province.

Municipal Hall Information
Comune di Villetta Barrea
Via B. Virgilio, 29
67030 Villetta Barrea (AQ)
Phone: +39 0864 89134
E-mail: [email protected]

State Archives Information
Archivio di Stato di L'Aquila
Zona Industriale di Bazzano
Via Galileo Galilei, 2
67100 L'Aquila
E-mail: [email protected]

First 5 most common surnames in Villetta Barrea
Colantoni, Di Nunzio, Di Domenico, Di Ianni, De Sanctis

Parish churches in Villetta Barrea and municipality suburbs

S. Maria AssuntaVilletta BarreaDiocesi di Sulmona - Valva

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  1. There is no record prior to 1636. Which leads to the belief that the Ciarletta’s came from Scanno to settle in Villetta Barrea. These are the direct line of descendants of Giovanni Glorio Ciarletta the first of my ancestors to settle in Viletta Barrea. Children, Giovanni Glorio Ciarletta married Brandolina Di Mattia …..Giovanni Domenico Ciarletta born April 27, 1636. Married Leonarda Di Loreto (from Civitella) Michelangelo Ciarletta May 7th 1681 Married Rosanna Di Silvestro She was born in 1690. Leonardo Antonio Ciarletta born June 27, 1713 Married Clara Hyevi born 1720 Francisco Saverio Ciarletta born July 5, 1752 Married Francesca Tarquinio born Jan 8, 1763 Giovanni Gesualdo Ciarletta born March 8,1788 Married Raffaila Iannucci from Civiletta born 1793 Donato Antonio Ciarletta born Aug 7,1835 Married Lucia Santa Di Sanctis born May 20, 1839 It seems Brandolina, wife of Giovanni Glorio Ciarletta is really Brandolina Virgilio sister of the poet Benedetto Virgilio. The first DiGiulio settled in Villetta in 1644.Thomas is the 7th generation of DiGiulio’s.Born April 5, 1808 Married M Caterina Celidonio Born Mar. 3 1809 Albina DiGiulio March 9 1840 married Michele Antonucci Born Nov 29,1935 Giacomo Antonucci March 4, 1863 Married Mariantonia Ciarletta born April 25, 1866. Her child Albina Antonucci Nov.1891 was my Grandmother. I have the names of most of the anscestors children also. I think some of my relatives still live in Villetta Barrea! My name is Elaine Sinatra, 8 Little Court Marlboro NJ 07746 Some other names of the children of these anscestors are Di Anni,Di Nunzio,De Santis,Antonio

  2. Hello Elaine,

    I am a 10th Generation Ciarletta and would love to collaborate more with you on our family history.

    D. Charletta

  3. Hi Dee,
    It is amazing that someone read my post. Years ago every summer our extended family had a picnic in VanSaun park in Paramus NJ. I wish I had asked more questions about our ancestors back then. Are you from NJ?

  4. Hello Elaine and Dee!

    My name is Tricia Carletta (my grandfather and his brothers changed the name from Ciarletta to Carletta around 1948). I was at those Van Saun family reunions in Paramus, NJ way back when (last ones were in the 1970s?). Please email me at [email protected] I would love to hear from you!

    I recognize the Tarquinio and Antonucci names – still in northern NJ! My great grandfather was Paolo Ciarletta, great grandmother was Donata Di Ianni. Our family also believes we were in Scanno, then Villetta Barrea. We have records back to the 1600s – I think the church burned down around then. I have been to VB in 1990 & 2004. Please reach out if you want to connect!

  5. Elaine — it is no coincidence that your post was on my grandfather – Giuseppe (Joseph/Chappie) Carletta’s birthday <3

  6. Elaine &Dee – please feel free to email me at [email protected]
    My great grandparents were Paolo Ciarletta & Donata Di Ianni, who wound up settling in Lodi, NJ. DiGiulio, Tarquinio, Antonucci – these are all names I grew up hearing. I was at those Van Saun Family picnics in the 70s! Please feel free to email me at [email protected]

  7. Hello cousins Tricia and Dee. I remember the reunions also. My sister Norvell, cousin Gail Antonucci, and I put together a smaller version (just befor Covid ) in Pennsylvania wher I used to live. It was for the ancestors of Mariantonia and Giacomo Antonucci. I also asked cousin Olivia Rispole from Maine. The information I have was given to me by my first cousin Robert Subrizzi. That paperwork came from Aunt Di Ianni, I think. I have written to the mayor of VB but never got a response. I have never visited but it looks beautiful from pictures. My only regret is that I didn’t ask more questions of our older relatives when I was young. Thank you for interest in our ancestory.

  8. Ciao a Tutti! Came across your conversation and thought I would just add my family name to the list – PALETTA. I’m connected into the di Ianni family through Agostino Antonio Paletta, who married Maria Giuliana di Ianni b. 1833-1927. Her father was Basilio Maria Luigi di Ianni, and her grandmother on her mother’s side was Barbara Antonucci. Also connected into the de Santis through Agostino Paletta’s mother, Bambina de Santis b. 1791-1841. If these names ring a bell, please let me know! [email protected]

  9. Hi James, Just read your post. Paletta is not a name I reconize, I remember the di Ianni, Antonucci, Ciarletta, DiNuzzo relatives.

  10. Elaine, I read your post a long while ago. I’m David DiGiulio. My father, Domenico DiGiulio, was born in VB 1912, the son of Emidio DiGiulio and Barbara Celidonio. Emidio was the son Domenico DiGiulio and Anna Tarquinio. Barbara was the daughter of Giovanni Celidonio and Carmella Cianchetti. Circa 1914 my father and grandmother came to the US to join my grandfather who was already here and settled in Pittsburgh. The names of dad’s aunts and uncles names included Antonelli, Celidonio, Cianchetti, D’Ianni, D’Oro, Tarquinio, DiCosmo and Desiderio. To my great-grandparents is as far back as I know. After reading your post again it seems the DiGiulio name in VB goes far back.

  11. Hi Dave, Thank you for your post. We must have a lot more cousins than I knew about. My great grandmother Marie Antonia Antonucci nee Ciarletta came to NY from VB, then settled in Lodi NJ. We are all scattered about now. Do you remember easter cake/bread shaped like dolls and horses that your grandmother made? They went to church to have them blessed then grandma gave all the girls dolls and the boys horses, they were so good. I remember a great aunt D’ianni that lived in Lodi. You have more information from a different branch of our family than I have. We are fortunate to have knowledge of our family that goes so far back. Thanks again for your information. Elaine

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