Torre de’ Passeri (Pescara), Family History and Genealogy

Torre de' Passeri is a municipality in the province of Pescara located at 172 meters of altitude. Torre de' Passeri has 3174 inhabitants and a surface of 5,9178 square kilometers.

In 18th century Torre de Passeri belonged to the Abruzzo Ultra I province of the Kingdom of Naples and compiled the "Catasto Onciario" in 1746.

Address of Municipal Hall
Piazza Giovanni XXIII
65029 Torre De' Passeri (PE)

Address of State Archive
Via Cesare De Titta, 1
65129 Pescara
Tel.: (+39)0854549724
Fax: (+39)0854549724
Email: [email protected]

First 5 most common surnames in Torre de' Passeri
Di Lorenzo, Di Nicolantonio, Di Bartolomeo, Cappola, Gelsumini

Parish churches in Torre de' Passeri and neighboring suburbs

Beata Vergine Maria delle GrazieTorre de' PasseriVia Giovanni XXIII, 6Arcidiocesi di Pescara - Penne

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16 thoughts on “Torre de’ Passeri (Pescara), Family History and Genealogy

  1. My family was originally (1800’s) from Torre de Passeri and migrated to the United States.
    The surname is Tarquinio and Lupari.
    Please provide information on either or both if possible.

  2. Arlene, My aunt was Anna Olga Tarquinio who was born in Torre de Passeri also. Her parents, and her 2 sisters emigrated to the US in 10/21/1923. Her parents were Paolo Tarquinio and Costanza Tontodonati. I have traced back to the 1850s to Frederico Tarquinio.

    There must be a link between these two families.

    1. Hi Linda,
      Thanks for your response.
      Most of the Tarquinio’s we are related to migrated to the USA around 1890 – 1905.
      The family line that I can find starts with Vincenzo Tarquinio b:1797 d:1874 and his wife Teodora Pica b:1801 d:1872
      They had a single child Casimiro Tarquinio b:1825 d:1905
      All above were born in Torre d’ Passeri, Abruzzi
      We are sure that we have plenty of other relatives to find yet.
      Let’s stay in touch and share info

  3. My name is Randall Rosatte (Rossetti). My grandfather was Pasquale di Lorenzo, born in or around Pescara in 1890. His father was Sabastino di Lorenzo born in the same region in 1862. My grandfather emigrated to Canada in 1912. He served in the Canadian Army in The Great War and died in 1937 from pneumonia. I would like any information of relatives or further ancestors you may have. My wife and I are planning a trip to Italy in February, 2017. Thank you!

  4. Hi Randall,
    Thanks for your reply
    Some of the Tarquinio’s we are related to migrated to the USA around 1890 – 1905. The family line that I can find starts with Vincenzo Tarquinio b:1797 d:1874 and his wife Teodora Pica b:1801 d:1872 They had a single child Casimiro Tarquinio b:1825 d:1905 All above were born in Torre d’ Passeri, Abruzzi. The second line is from Casimiro’s wife, Rosa di Lorenzo b:1830 born in Apricena, Foggia.
    I know we have commonality in our families. Let’s stay in touch and share possible family history

  5. Can you tell me if the Passeri family had originated in Torre de’ Passeri . I know we still have faimly in Pescara. Do you know of any family history about the Passeri family?

  6. My mother’s father, Angelo Di Lorenzo, was born in Torre de Passeri on 6 May 1865. He was married to Maria Rosa Di Lorenzo, born May 27 1873 in Torre de Passeri. Before immigrating to the United States, where they settled in Buffalo, New York where I now live, they had a daughter, Elena, born 2 August 1894. They subsequently had several more children including my mother, Adorina (Dorothy) Di Lorenzo. Angelo’s father’s name was Dominic Di Lorenzo, and his mother was Pasquarosa Trubiano born 18 August 1840. Dominic’s father was Giuseppe Di Lorenzo. My grandfather, Angelo Di Lorenzo, came to Buffalo in 1896, then after returning to Italy, again in 1899. I was in Torre de Passeri in April 2004 where I learned some of this information through the Municipal Office records. I will be in Torre de Passeri this spring, probably April, and was hoping to meet any distant cousins. Is there anyone out there who is related to me and still lives in Torre de Passeri? I would sure love to meet you. Mille grazie!

  7. Hi Chuck,
    Sorry it too so long to respond. My Great-Great Grandfather Casimiro Tarquinio married Rosa di Lorenzo B: 1820(?) from Apricena, D: 1884 in Torre d’ Passeri. Her Father was Giuseppe di Lorenzo and her Mother was Camila Galli. Neither left Italy
    Could there be a possibility of a family connection ?
    Arlene Tarquinio

  8. Hi Chuck,
    We will be in Torre September 19th of this year.
    Please advise where you found family records? and were they easily accessible ?
    Did you visit the local church for information?

  9. Hi Chuck.My name is Paul lorenzo. I live in Orchard Park, NY. My grandfather was Sante DiLorenzo. He had three brothers: Joe, Angelo, and Luigi. They all lived in East Lovejoy. My grandfather moved from Lovejoy to the west side of Buffalo. Pasquarosa was my grandfather’s mother and I believe your grandfather is my grandfather’s brother. As you know they all changed their last name to Lorenzo.
    You may have just filled in a couple of blanks in my search for ancestors. I could never find out any information about Pasquarosa’s husband and if he ever came to America. Pasquarosa is buried in the German/French cemetery. My father didn’t know much about him.

    I would like to get as much information as you have. Let’s arrange for a meeting.

  10. Hello, Paul. You are correct with regards to our family relationship. We share the same great-grandparents! I would love to get together with you very soon, and exchange ancestry information since we are obviously 2nd cousins!! Tomorrow I leave for Myrtle Beach for a week, but will be in touch as soon as we get back. Is your phone number listed? I’m looking forward to meeting you.

  11. Great. My phone number is listed. I ran into a guy two weeks ago who is also a Lorenzo from East Lovejoy. But his great grandfather was Antonio DiLorenzo. The only connection that I could make is that Dominic had a brother Antonio. Hopefully we’ll get it sorted out.

  12. We are trying to locate birth records for our grand parents:
    Ezelinta DiLorenzo – Giuseppe Papile
    We have birth dates and know they came from Torre de Passeri. What is the best way for me to do obtain these birth records? Parlo molto poco Italiano. Grazie!

  13. My grandparents were Paolo Tarquinio and Costanza Tontodonati. They had 4 children, Flavia, Gulia, And Anna who were born in Torre De’ Passeri, and my father, Guido who was born in Rochester, NY. My grandmother was from Scafa, Italy.

  14. Dear Arelene, so sorry for not responding sooner. I have not been monitoring this site, but I have saved it in favorites so I can open it on a very regular basis going forward. I hope you had a great time in Torre de’ Passeri, and that you were able to find more information? While in Torre de’ Passeri last April 2018, I actually worked with Emidio Spinogatti from Abruzzo Geneology and he was amazingly helpful! In all, Emidio was able to identify 79 relatives that I did not know about! Based on the information I obtained from Emidio, and your comments, I can state that we are 4th cousins! Your great-great grandmother, Rosa di Lorenzo, was the sister of my great-great grandfather, Domenicantonio di Lorenzo. Rosa’s and Domenicantonio’s father was Giuseppe di Lorenzo and their mother was Camilla Galli. I do not know Giuseppe’s parents’ names, but Camilla’s parents were Simone Galli and Antonia di Domizio. I did not know Casimiro’s parents names, so thank you for providing that. I look forward to sharing more information with you as either of us learns more. Ancestry research has become quite a passion for me!!

  15. HI
    I am looking for any information on the Di Virgilio family that lived in this area. My grandfather was Donato Di Virgilio (b.1900). My grandmother is Assunta Colognato. I know she died in Feb 1972 but I am not 100% on her last name.
    Any help is appreciated

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