Mirabello Sannitico is a municipality located in the province of Campobasso at 600 meters (1969 feet) of altitude. Mirabello Sannitico has 2157 inhabitants and a surface area of 21.43 square kilometers (8.27 square miles).

Mirabello Sannitico was part of the Kingdom of Naples before the unification of Italy (1861).

Municipal Hall Information
Comune di Mirabello Sannitico
Via Roma, 101
86010 Mirabello Sannitico (CB)
Phone: +39 087430132
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: http://www.comune.mirabellosannitico.cb.it

State Archives Information
Archivio di Stato di Campobasso
Via Orefici, 43
86100 Campobasso
E-mail: [email protected]
Website: https://archiviodistatocampobasso.cultura.gov.it

First 5 most common surnames in Mirabello Sannitico
D`Alessio, Baranello, Centritto, Di Biase, Fierro

Parish churches in Mirabello Sannitico and municipality suburbs

S. Maria Assunta in CieloMirabello SanniticoPiazza S. GiovanniArcidiocesi di Campobasso - Boiano

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  1. My grandfather Francesco Caiell family lived at Piazza # 25, he married my grandmother, Battista Luisa Fantacone whose family lived at Piazza #21. They where married 11-23-1895 in Mirabello, they left for the United States in 1896. The name Caiell was changed to Cayll.

  2. I am looking for information on my ancestors. Filomena Spicciati or Nicolamaria Zingaro They were married on 23 April 1871. Filomena was born in 1849. I would like to know where they are buried

  3. Hi, Alicia! My hobby is researching Mirabello peeps. Did Nicolamaria Zingaro and Filomena Spicciati stay in Italy or move to the US?
    I don’t know where they were buried, but I do have their parents/grandparents if you are interested.

  4. Hi, Charles! I’ve looked through the Mirabello records and there was no Francesco Caiella who married in Mirabello at that time or five years either way. There were very few Caiellas married during that time. There was a Caiella/Cayll family that ended up in Venezuela or Argentina. I used to be in contact with a Bruce Cayll from South America. Do you have any other information on Francesco and Battista?
    Sharon Caiello Welsh

  5. I will be traveling to Italy in September and I would like to find out more about where my grandparents and great grand parents are from , Mirabello Sannitico. Is there someplace I can contact to find out where they lived or anything about them. My grandmother was Angela Marie Iademarco (parents Luisa DiBiase and father Nicola Iademarco) born 1890 and my grandfather, Peitro Antonio (parents Catherine Yanuta or Yanetti and father Felix Fiano) Fiano born 1886. I appreciate any information you can share.

  6. I am intending to visit there in August 2025. I would like to know of the current relatives still there. My grandparents: Assunta Fierro and Pietro Antonio Gualtieri. My mother; Maria Domenica Emilia Gualtieri. My father; Francis Joseph Federico (Fredrico)

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