Colli a Volturno (Isernia), Family History and Genealogy

Colli a Volturno is a municipality in the province of Isernia located at 408 meters of altitude. Colli a Volturno has 1382 inhabitants and a surface of 25,2501 square kilometers.

Address of Municipal Hall
Piazza Municipio, 1
86073 Colli a Volturno (IS)

Address of State Archive
Corso Risorgimento (Palazzo INPDAP)
86170 Isernia
Tel.: (+39)086526992 or (+39)0865412877
Fax: (+39)0865412154
Email: [email protected]

First 5 most common surnames in Colli a Volturno
D`Alessio, Incollingo, Amodei, Di Sandro, Ranieri

Parish churches in Colli a Volturno and neighboring suburbs

Assunzione di Maria VergineColli a VolturnoPiazza EuropaDiocesi di Isernia - Venafro

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One thought on “Colli a Volturno (Isernia), Family History and Genealogy

  1. I am looking for my grandfather’s parents. Grandfather: Michele DiSandro born 1879 in Colli al Volturno/Wife: Marietta D’Iorio Colli al Volturno born 1883
    Michele’s father :Domenicantonio DiSandro, Colli al Volturno
    Michele’s mother:Luisa Ialonarelli or Tallonardi
    He owned is family house in Colli, which my father (Adolfo DiSandro) purchased from his father.

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