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Year 2017

Di Lorenzo from Pescara Province

Five stars rating
Family research in Cappelle sul Tavo and neighboring towns.

Testimonial by R. Rosatte (Canada): I have been trying to discover my Italian ancestors in the Pescara area for 5 years through searches on ancestry etc. However, I could only find my grandfathers birth record as he had changed his surname after he immigrated to Canada in 1912. I hired Emidio to search for records in the Pescara area. In a few short weeks he discovered 28 of my ancestors dating back to 1740. I was especially impressed with the quality of the report and charts that Emidio sent me following his research. I have recommended Emidio’s services to all of my friends in Canada and would highly recommend him to anyone in the world who is searching for their ancestral roots in Italy. It was simply a pleasure doing business with him. (Jan. 11th, 2017)

Year 2016

Di Domenico from Scontrone (L’Aquila)

Five stars rating
Research records and request certificates.

Testimonial by L. McClearn: I’ve had a great experience working with Emidio at Abruzzo Genealogy while trying to obtain documents for my dual citizenship application. I’d tried writing letters, having cousins call for me, emailing.. nothing was getting information from the town. It really takes having someone there in person who knows what they’re doing and knows people. Emidio kindly dealt with my many questions and inexperience with the research process. He was thorough, professional, knowledgeable, and just very nice to talk to throughout everything. I am so thankful for the documents he’s gotten for me and he even cleared up a name mystery I’d have never known about. The expertise provided by AG is invaluable and if I ever need to know more about my family tree, I will be back without hesitation. (Nov. 17th, 2016)

Di Pietro from Casalbordino (Chieti)

Five stars rating
Research of information about Di Pietro family from Casalbordino.
Some other surnames involved: Marrocco, D’Aurizio, Crisci.

Testimonial by W. Hudson: The work done for me was wonderful! Several new generations and siblings were found and the documentation provided was excellent. We were able to have a dialog back and forth to help in finishing the work. I felt very involved in this friendly process. The communication was in excellent English (unfortunately my Italian is nonexistent) and the cost was very reasonable. The work was done in a timely fashion. I am extremely pleased! (Oct. 10th, 2016)

Notte from Frosolone (Isernia)

Five stars rating
Research of information about Notte family from Frosolone.
Some other surnames involved: Mainella, Fazioli, Colavecchio, Colantuono.

Testimonial by L. Notte DeRocco: I highly applaud Signor Spinogatti’s meticulous endeavors in assembling the paper trail of my paternal grandfather’s Italian beginnings. This provided information gave to me the knowledge in understanding, a sense of belonging and an enormous respect for my Italian ancestry from Frosolone, Italy!! Lucille (Aug. 30th, 2016)

Castorani-Preciso from Torricella Sicura and Giulianova (Teramo)

Five stars rating
Research of family origins in a small village in the province of Teramo.
Some other surnames involved: Morosi, Marroncini, Di Tommaso, Pompetti.

Testimonial by T. Castorani: I was absolutely thrilled with the results provided by Emidio, the information and photo docs were more than I ever imagined. Emidio was able to trace my paternal Grandfather’s family back to 1751. Not only was the full report sent to me in less than a week’s time, Emidio answered every question I had about the report, all at a very reasonable price. Just outstanding work!! I look forward to working with Emidio again as I have my Grandmother’s family yet to research. (Jul. 14th, 2016)

Salomone and Di Censo from Bugnara (L’Aquila)

Five stars rating
Research of family origins in a small village in the province of L’Aquila.
Some other surnames involved: La Marca, Santilli, D’Amico, D’Eramo, Di Vito.

Testimonial by E. Vaughan: Emidio is simply one of the best, exceeded all research expectations, extremely professional with all questions answered in a timely fashion. The family report with detailed footnotes and supporting documentation was the pay off to several years of personal research that yielded little results. The popular on line sites can yield some information but nothing can replace a meticulous researcher on the ground with knowledge of the region. If your family has a connection to Southern Italy and you want to embark on a journey to find them please contact Abruzzo Genealogy. (Jul. 10th, 2016)

Caporrella and Urbisci from Lanciano (Chieti) and Di Mascio and Pinti from Tocco da Casauria (Pescara)

Five stars rating
Family research in multiple towns of Abruzzo.
Some other surnames involved: Nasuto, Sgrignuoli, Farchione, Bottari.

Testimonial by P. Nagel: A few months before a trip to Italy, I randomly discovered Abruzzo Genealogy online thanks to Google. With nothing to lose, I sent an email with inquiries as to the cost of genealogical research and what it exactly entailed. The thought of ever undertaking the task myself was totally overwhelming, if not impossible. Although my family’s origins are completely and exclusively from Italy, information as to my paternal grandfather’s family was unknown. Knowledge of my mother’s parents’ family extended only to my grandmother’s parents, so our knowledge of ancestral names was extremely limited, if not totally lost. Emidio promptly responded to my inquiry with a detailed outline of tasks and a quote which I felt was very reasonably priced, especially when shared amongst family members. His work was thorough and efficient. I am so grateful to him and Abruzzo Genealogy for completing all the holes in our family tree. The work he performed and the information he was able to uncover has been truly priceless and something that will be passed down for many generations. One of the best and most memorable highlights of working with Abruzzo Genealogy was when my family and I were able to meet Emidio and Elif in person during our trip to Italy. Emidio and Elif were warm, welcoming and very hospitable as they led us around to sites of personal and historical interest in Chieti and Pescara. Emidio and Elif make a perfect team with Emidio’s abundant historical knowledge of the area and the people’s families he researches and Elif’s talented skills in photography, as well as her endearing personality. I will forever treasure being able to walk in the footsteps of my ancestors and pray in the churches in which they worshipped. Emidio and Elif provided us with not only a priceless gift of genealogical research to last generations, but beautiful memories of guided tours as well as a treasured friendship. (May 4th, 2016)

Antonucci and Pace families from Pratola Peligna (L’Aquila)

Five stars rating
Identification of the birth location of Italian ancestors and request of official certificates.

Testimonial by S. A. Paulino De Souza: I would like to thank Emidio and Abruzzo Genealogy for the help on finding my great-grand father birth and marriage certificates in Italy more specifically in Pratola Peligna. I had been looking for that for a quite some time and Emidio was very helpful. I am very grateful for that. I am from Brazil and I found the Abruzzo Genealogy site by chance. I will recommend Emidio and Abruzzo Genealogy to anyone who needs help as I did. (Apr. 1st, 2016)

D’Angelo and Mattia families from Casacanditella (Chieti)

Five stars rating
Research about the Italian origins of the D’Angelo and Mattia families from Casacanditella (Chieti).

Testimonial by M. Adami: I was thrilled with the information Emidio was able to find for me on the D’Angelo family. My grandmother was from Casacanditella, a small village in Abruzzo. I had done some research and had found bits of information, but had hit a dead end. Emidio found my grandmother’s birth certificate in very little time and from there was able to gather a great deal of information. He provided us with connections back as far as 1750. He was a pleasure to work with. His work was thorough and he was very responsive. I highly recommend him! (Feb. 13th, 2016)

Year 2015

Controguerra family from Spoltore (Pescara)

Five stars rating
Research about the Italian origins of the Controguerra family from Spoltore (Pescara) and D’Aroma from Rocca di Mezzo (L’Aquila).
Some of the other surnames involved: Forcone, Iacobucci, Mirabilio.

Testimonial by D. Camposecco: I can not thank Emidio enough for the personal attention that he gave towards my family tree research. He not only uncovered connections of ancestors that we were unable to accomplish for years on our own, he even provided us with stories of some of the individuals that were quite interesting to say the least. He copied us with original documents (birth certificates, marriage certificates and death records).
We are planning of researching other branches of our family and will definitely be hiring Emidio for his expertise.
He is certainly worth every cent that he charges. His work is thorough and easy to understand.
I can’t wait to share the findings with my extended family.
Happy Customer! (Nov. 18th, 2015)

Zannelli family from Pettorano sul Gizio (L’Aquila)

Five stars rating
Research about the Italian origins of the Zannelli family emigrated to the USA from the town of Pettorano sul Gizio (L’Aquila).
Some of the other surnames involved: Tiberio, Ginnetti, Chiota.

Testimonial by B. Puffer: We recently engaged Emidio Spinogatti for assistance during our visit from the U.S. to my great grandparents’ birth and marriage home of Pettorano sul Gizio. He was extremely helpful with area research, securing some official documents, guiding us through the town, interpreting and more. In addition, Elif Kork provided lovely photography of our in-town adventure. Emidio was worth every penny we spent. We had beers together in the Piazza and dinner at Il Torchio in Pettorano. Delightful, knowledgeable and personable couple! (Oct. 5th, 2015)

Del Rio family from Castel Di Sangro (L’Aquila)

Five stars rating
Research about the origins of a branch of the Edwardo family emigrated to the USA from the town of Castel Di Sangro (L’Aquila).
Some of the other surnames involved: Varese.

Testimonial by H. Edwardo: The research performed, documents translated and report prepared satisfied my expectations. In particular, your professional opinions on matters which might be inferred from scarce information was very helpful. (May 26th, 2015)

Cirulli family from Schiavi di Abruzzo (Chieti)

Five stars rating
Research about the origins of a branch of the Cirulli family emigrated to the USA from the town of Schiavi di Abruzzo (Chieti) near the border with Molise region.
Some of the other surnames involved: Colangelo, Falasca, Tredicine.

Testimonial by J. Cirulli: I am very satisfied with the work done by Abruzzo Genealogy. My Grandmother didn’t have correct information about my Grandfather’s family, but Emidio was able to uncover details one generation earlier than I even requested. (Apr. 16th, 2015)

Natale family from Spoltore and Montesilvano (Pescara)

Five stars rating
Research about the origins of immigrants to France coming from Spoltore and Montesilvano, now in the province of Pescara, but at the time in Teramo.
Some of the other surnames involved: D’Onofrio, Febo, De Leonardis, Santavenere.

Testimonial by J. Natale: Je vous remercie vivement pour l’étude sur ma famille que vous m’avez transmise sur ma messagerie avec toutes les annexes copies des actes divers officiels.
J’ai apprécié la précision des documents et la qualité du contenu. La présentation est également très pertinente et permet de bien visualiser les liens de parentés.
(Mar. 19th, 2015)

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