Spinete (Campobasso), Family History and Genealogy

Spinete is a municipality in the province of Campobasso located at 600 meters of altitude. Spinete has 1373 inhabitants and a surface of 17,8341 square kilometers.

Address of Municipal Hall
Via Roma, 14
86020 Spinete (CB)
Website: http://www.comune.spinete.cb.it

Address of State Archive
Via Orefici, 43
86100 Campobasso
Tel.: (+39)087490349 or (+39)0874411488
Email: [email protected]

First 5 most common surnames in Spinete
Calabrese, Albanese, Salvatore, Prezioso, Colantuono

Parish churches in Spinete and neighboring suburbs

S. Maria Assunta in CieloSpineteVia Francesco Tommasi, 7Arcidiocesi di Campobasso - Boiano
S. Pietro ApostoloSpineteLargo S. PietroArcidiocesi di Campobasso - Boiano

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2 thoughts on “Spinete (Campobasso), Family History and Genealogy

  1. Salve, My Name is claire Jackson and i am looking to find family in Spinete, The name is Paolucci, my Great Grandfather was Pietro Paolucci and married Maria Illiano, my Grandmother Lucia Paolucci Percell would visit family there when i was young, i know in 2000 my great uncle bernie paolucci visited family there. I was hoping to find family and the resting places of family that has passed away.

  2. My mother, sisters and I are traveling to Rome from August 29th to September 8th. My mother’s family is originally from Spinete in Campobosso. Do you arrange day trips to Spinete and if so do you provide transportation from Rome?

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