Rocca Pia is a municipality located in the province of L'Aquila at 1181 meters (3875 feet) of altitude. Rocca Pia has 167 inhabitants and a surface area of 44.96 square kilometers (17.36 square miles).

Rocca Pia was part of the Kingdom of Naples before the unification of Italy (1861).

Municipal Hall Information
Comune di Rocca Pia
Piazza San Rocco, 12
67030 Rocca Pia (AQ)
Phone: +39 0864 203005
E-mail: [email protected]

State Archives Information
Archivio di Stato di L'Aquila
Zona Industriale di Bazzano
Via Galileo Galilei, 2
67100 L'Aquila
E-mail: [email protected]

First 5 most common surnames in Rocca Pia
Leone, Amicucci, Amatangelo, Ciotti, Di Sante

Parish churches in Rocca Pia and municipality suburbs

S. Maria MaggioreRocca PiaDiocesi di Sulmona - Valva

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  1. Years ago I knew a lady by the name of Lucia Leone. we met in London, England. We were very good friends. She invited me to Rocca Pia to meet her family who were kind to me. i lost track of her when I moved to Canada. I wonder if she still lives in Rocca Pia. it would be very nice to see her again. Please let me know if you have any information about her. Thank you.

  2. I spent this last weekend in Rocco Pia and have fell in love with this town! It’s picturesque, quiet, and the residence are very friendly. My wife and I are looking to purchase a home there and possibly retire there.

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