Pratola Peligna is a municipality located in the province of L'Aquila at 342 meters (1122 feet) of altitude. Pratola Peligna has 7840 inhabitants and a surface area of 28.67 square kilometers (11.07 square miles).

The municipality of Pratola Peligna also includes the following suburbs: Bagnaturo, Ponte la Torre.

Pratola Peligna was part of the Kingdom of Naples before the unification of Italy (1861) and belonged to the former Abruzzo Ultra II province.

Municipal Hall Information
Comune di Pratola Peligna
Via Circonvallazione Occidentale
67035 Pratola Peligna (AQ)
Phone: +39 0864 274141
E-mail: [email protected]

State Archives Information
Archivio di Stato di L'Aquila
Zona Industriale di Bazzano
Via Galileo Galilei, 2
67100 L'Aquila
E-mail: [email protected]

First 5 most common surnames in Pratola Peligna
Liberatore, Petrella, Di Cioccio, Pizzoferrato, Presutti

Parish churches in Pratola Peligna and municipality suburbs

Maria SS. della LiberaPratola PelignaVico Croce Santa, 3Diocesi di Sulmona - Valva
S. Pietro CelestinoPratola PelignaVicolo Croce Santa, 2Diocesi di Sulmona - Valva

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  1. I’m related to Antonio di cioccio born in 1902 Any relatives still there. WanT to visit the area

  2. I’m looking for information on my Great Grandmother, born in Pratola, Angelina Pucci, 1883, (Mother, Luigia (Lugette) Liberatore).
    Are there any Pucci’s in the area?

  3. Hi Catrina, my name is Arlene Santalucia and I happened across your post while poking around for some information on what area of Italy my family comes from. My grandfather’s name was Vincenzo, he was married to Margaret (Peggy) McNabb and his mother’s name was Angelina. Could she be the one you are looking for?

  4. Looking for information on Agata Di Nino born 1873 in Pratola Peligna. She married Federico Santilli.

  5. Are there any Liberatore’s on here? I am seeking information on my Great, Great Grandmother Luigia (Lugetta) Liberatore, married to a Mr Celeste Pucci? Thank you.

  6. I am hoping to find some information about my grandfather’s parents. His name is Domenico Antonio Lucente, born in Pratola Peligna L’Aquila Italy in 1892. Thank you

    1. My mother’s cousin were Lucente. Emigrated and settled in Meriden CT. The name sounds familiar.

  7. For all of those looking for family connections, I recoginze many of the names in your requests. I suggest you get on to the local Facebook page .
    This is where locals post. Put your request on there and use the ‘Google Translate’ app to write it in Italian as well. I’m sure you’ll come up with something.
    There’s also the actual City of Pratola community page “Comune di Pratola Peligna” that most residents view. You can try that too.

    Good Luck!

  8. Lu, I thought I left this message a couple of weeks ago, but I do not see where it posted, so… Meriden, CT is extremely familiar. Who is your mom, I may know her?

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