Make a present that really counts

Gift your beloved ones with a family history

In the years of consumerism is hard to make a present that really counts and that is not a new “thing” to be soon forgotten.

Are you looking for something that can touch the soul and that will be an asset for the whole family? So why don’t you consider to gift your beloved ones with a family history research?

Look how easy it is:

  1. Choose the research package & buy
  2. Choose your style & print your gift certificate
  3. Write on it the gift certificate number and your greetings message
  4. Give your gift when the time comes

The recipient will just follow the simple instructions on the gift certificate and start the research.

Page Summary


Research packages

The main package is the so called Ancestors of 19th Century. It includes the research and reconstruction of one direct line of ancestry from the most recent known Italian ancestors to the beginning of 1800’s (often to end of 1700’s).

This package implies the following activities:

  • research immigration records;
  • obtain certificates or copies from Municipality archives or State Archives;
  • sort and catalog all sources;
  • analyze all the documents acquired, extract facts and events, and create a systematic report (all facts will be carefully referenced to sources);
  • create relevant diagrams and charts.

The information usually included is the following:

  • names, birth and marriage information for all individuals on the direct ancestry line;
  • names, ages, birth location and parents’ names for the spouses;
  • sometimes christening and death information is included as well;
  • all occupations, addresses and annotations and other relevant details found are reported;

You will receive:

  • an electronic copy of all the document sources (certificates or records) retrieved in JPG or PDF format;
  • a genealogy report that describes all the individuals in the tree and that includes the information extracted from documents (every piece of information will be carefully referenced to the source);
  • a GEDCOM file that includes all individuals, facts and sources, useful to be imported into main genealogy applications and portals;
  • a set of charts and graphical representations of the family tree.

Other research packages and services are also possible (e.g. research of possible living relatives, guided day trips in Abruzzo and Molise, gift certificate of any amount), but should be defined and agreed with us. Please contact us today for more details.

Choose your style & print

Choose your preferred style for the gift certificate, download it as PDF, and print it yourself immediately.

After downloading the gift certificate you liked, just print it on an 8.5″ x 11″ piece of paper. After that just fold it two times as shown in this picture:

Fold 1 time on the long side, then again one time on the long side. The blank side remains inside.

There’s nothing left but writing the gift certificate number received by email, and writing your greeting message.

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