Cerro al Volturno (Isernia), Family History and Genealogy

Cerro al Volturno is a municipality in the province of Isernia located at 572 meters of altitude. Cerro al Volturno has 1341 inhabitants and a surface of 23,79 square kilometers.

Address of Municipal Hall
Via Aldo Moro
86072 Cerro al Volturno (IS)
Website: http://www.comune.cerroalvolturno.is.it

Address of State Archive
Corso Risorgimento (Palazzo INPDAP)
86170 Isernia
Tel.: (+39)086526992 or (+39)0865412877
Fax: (+39)0865412154
Email: [email protected]

First 5 most common surnames in Cerro al Volturno
Mazzocco, Izzi, Fattore, Rossi, Giancola

Parish churches in Cerro al Volturno and neighboring suburbs

Assunzione di Maria VergineCerro al VolturnoPiazza CastelloDiocesi di Isernia - Venafro
S. RoccoCerro al VolturnoCuponeDiocesi di Isernia - Venafro

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2 thoughts on “Cerro al Volturno (Isernia), Family History and Genealogy

  1. My maternal lineage is from Cerro al Volturno. My grandfather, Emilio DiCola, was born and raised there. He married Giuseppe Rossi from castel San Vincenzo. They emigrated to the United States 100 years ago. I am a citizen of both the United States and Italy. My Italian citizenship is based in Cerro al Volturno. I have been to Castel San Vincenzo many times but have never visited Cerro al Volturno. I will visit there soon.

  2. Hi RoseAnn,
    It seems that we are cousins! My great grandmother was Beatrice Diorio (née Milano), and her mother was Pulcheria Milano (née Di Cola). Her father was Gennaro Di Cola. I’ve never visited Cerro al Volturno either, but would love to!

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