Bussi sul Tirino (Pescara), Family History and Genealogy

Bussi sul Tirino is a municipality in the province of Pescara located at 344 meters of altitude. Bussi sul Tirino has 2636 inhabitants and a surface of 25,9121 square kilometers.

Address of Municipal Hall
Via Regina Margherita, 19
65022 Bussi sul Tirino (PE)
Website: http://www.comune.bussi.pe.it

Address of State Archive
Via Cesare De Titta, 1
65129 Pescara
Tel.: (+39)0854549724
Fax: (+39)0854549724
Email: [email protected]

First 5 most common surnames in Bussi sul Tirino
Di Carlo, Bucci, Melchiorre, De Angelis, Pezzi

Parish churches in Bussi sul Tirino and neighboring suburbs

S. Biagio Vescovo e MartireBussi sul TirinoDiocesi di Sulmona - Valva

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