Why do genealogy research

If you are reading this page probably you already asked yourself at least one time why should I do a genealogy research about my family. Some circumstances of our lives can encourage our interest in wanting to know the history of our family. This can happen, for example, when we learn to have far away relatives who emigrated, when we meet people that have our same last name, when we inherit the home of our grandparents, when we find old family photos and we do not know who the people portrayed are.

Found photo - Unknown photographer. Marked "1964" on film cans.


Most of us are satisfied when they keep the memory of family members who they have directly knew in their own life, leaving in the past the people with whom they had no direct contacts. For many other people however this does not satisfy the intimate desire to know more. These are animated by an awareness that their present is not simply the result of the succession of random events, but was built and determined by the people who lived before us, the choices they made, and are the sacrifices they did to improve their lives and the ones of their children. The recovery of this heritage of knowledge then becomes an opportunity to understand who we are in a deeper way, or simply to bring to safety a wealth of memories that without our work would be buried in some dusty archive, or even worse, may be lost forever.

Unfortunately, this lot of names, dates, events, stories, memories, is fragmented and dispersed among grandparents’ memories, photographs and postcards of family, immigration records, public documents, church records, etc.. The consequence is that the discovery of reliable elements and the organic and consistent reconstruction of all this information is anything but an easy and fast undertaking.

The genealogy is the systematic study of family history, and it involves an activity carried out in accordance with thorough criteria, but that to succeed needs a big dose of insight that can save precious time in research or may even drive discover a fact that is hidden in unsuspected places.

We at www.abruzzogenealogy.com have acquired the basics of genealogy, and also gained a good knowledge of history and culture southern Italian family history, but even more we have experienced a great sensibility in knowing where right information in hidden and how to retrieve it. What we offer is a genuine help to those who approach this type of research for the first time and our support to collect, retrieve, organize and store documents and the memories of our lives. For the moment our activities are limited to the area of what was the “Abruzzo Citra” roughly corresponding to the current province of Chieti in Abruzzo region. However we do not exclude the possibility to search outside the region directly or rely on our partners and, in any case, we guarantee the possibility to search in Europe, USA, Canada, South America, Australia regarding to emigrants and their descendants.

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(Photo by Darren Davis CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 License)