Main sources for genealogical research in Abruzzo

A consistent genealogical research must be based on the consultation and referencing of original documents and reliable sources of information. So what are the main sources for genealogical research in Abruzzo and southern Italy?

Old library


After the information kept in the family memory, the main sources of documentation are the religious and civil archives located in the territory of origin of the family.

This kind of archives seldom if ever are available in digitized form and published over the Internet. It is therefore necessary to rely on the help of an expert who knows the local history and all the available sources, who applies a well grounded method, and who can go in person to leaf through the original registers.

Just to cite some of the main sources for genealogical researches in Abruzzo and southern Italy, we can mention the following ones:



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  1. Hello,

    Can you help me? I will be visiting Italy in a few weeks and I would like to locate descendants of my grandfather who may still be living here.

    My grandfather was born in Tsegno, Italy – or – Santa Maria del Molise, Isernia, Molise, Italy. His name was Carmine (Carl) Santillo (Santilli). Born on May 16, 1892 to Mary Santillo (Santilli). This is the only information that I have on my grandfather, and am hoping you can help me to get more information to locate my relatives. I would like to meet some of them when I am visiting. This is very important to me. We plan to drive to this area from Rome while we are in the country.


    Pat Santillo Bannochie

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