Starting Your Genealogy Research

Maybe your are wondering where and how to start your Genealogy Research, well the answer is not so far: start at home with yourself! Write down your own name, birth date, place of birth, parents, husband or wife if married, date of marriage, place of marriage, children’s complete names and their dates of birth. Collect as much information as you can from your family and friends (e.g. photos, letters, documents, old newspapers) and interview all persons that can contribute to your research, starting from the older ones. When doing this try to be methodical because the game will soon became big and hard to manage. The easiest way to do this in a format that will be easily understood is to use a “Family Group Sheet”. This is merely a form with places for all of the important information. You can download a nice Family Group Sheet in the Downloads page of this website. You will do a Family Group Sheet for each family in your line.

After you do your own family, do your parents’, grandparents’ and so on. You will end up with quite a few sheets before you are done since each family group needs a sheet of its own. It is probably a good idea to go ahead and fill in Pedigree Charts at the same time. Again, these sheets can be found in Downloads.

As you are filling out these sheets, always remember to Document your sources.

After you glean as much info as you can from living relatives, bibles, military records, etc., you will definitely want to find out if others have already done research on your line or if documents are available online. Check places like The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) Family History Centers. A comprehensive list of websites for genealogy can be find on Cindy’s List.

You will see that many websites (sometimes requiring to pay a fee) allow you to store your family tree, share it with others and search the missing pieces of information in a database of on-line resources and other users’ family trees. Sometimes they are a huge help in the research, but consider that not everything can be found on-line! And this is even more true when looking for records in Italy. At some point you will need an on-site research because some registers are still kept in some dusty archive and the only way to search it is going in person or have somebody doing the job for you.

You may be interested in reading what are the sources for a family research in Central and Southern Italy, or Browse Locations that we are actually researching, or if you need more help just make a request to us.