About Us

We started to be interested in family history and genealogy more than a decade ago while researching our own family history. From that moment we invested a lot of work and time and we eventually thought that the experience made and the capabilities gained could be of help to someone else.

In 2014, after collaborations with other associations, research services and websites, we launched www.AbruzzoGenealogy.com, a website trough which we provide a full range of family history related services: from retrieving single certificates to apply for Italian citizenship or claim inheritance, to reconstructing the full family history from present to 1600s and over. We have experience about the Abruzzo and Molise regions of central Italy, where we are based, and where we are knowledgeable about local culture, dialects, history, and traditions.

In addition to the family research and genealogy services, we can provide the following services:

  • digital processing of text and images and creation of family books (with photos, diagrams and a comprehensive reporting of genealogical information and citations);
  • photography services on site;
  • restoration of historical photo prints, their conservation and digital archiving.

We give an answer to all questions and requests, so don’t hesitate to drop us a line if you want further information.

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